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Life Insurance

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We at GFS Insurance Group in Georgia understand the value of love. With Life Insurance, you are guaranteed that no matter what tomorrow may come with, you can still manage to protect your family, dependents, and legacy.


There are many types of life insurance which include term, whole, and universal. An agent can help you with determining which may be the right one for you. Term puts a period on when you are covered by life insurance while whole will last your entire life.


A few things life insurance covers include:



The income you earn is what your family depends on to meet their day to day needs such as food and medical care. Life insurance will replace your income when you die.

Children’s needs

Children have many needs. Parents should make sure that their children’s needs are covered. In the event of your passing, your children’s needs will be covered



Debts can be a burden. Life insurance will cover your outstanding debts. Mortgage and other loans are included. This policy is meant to protect your family in the event that the unexpected happens.


College loans

It is quite unfortunate that most private institutions will not forgive an education loan in the event of a death. What does that mean? The excess amount will pass to the necessary beneficiaries of the deceased student's estate. Fortunately enough, life insurance will cover college loans.


Funeral expenses

Sometimes, the capital that you have saved may not be enough to cover everything on the funeral services. This will force you to cut down the costs or even ask for donations from family and friends. With life insurance, funeral expenses are covered.


Peace of mind

No amount of money can replace a person. Life insurance helps provide for the uncertainties in life. It brings you and your family a peace of mind. It protects your loved ones from the unknown and helps them pull through a difficult time of loss.


At GFS Insurance Group in Georgia, we help people acquire a life Insurance policy that will cater for their needs in the event of their passing. Visit us or call our office and find a life insurance policy that will protect your loved ones.

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