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Renters Insurance

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There is a lot to think about when it comes to choosing an apartment or rental home in Georgia, like the neighborhood, size, and even style. Something that also should not be forgotten is renter's insurance.


In Georgia, it is often required by landlords before renters can even sign the lease. Even if a landlord doesn't outright require it, however, it's still a smart investment for any renter.


Here's a look at what renter's insurance from GFS Insurance Group protects you from:


Personal property damage

One common misconception about protecting personal property through insurance is that the value of these items degrade over time. While this might be true from a reselling standpoint, the beauty of renter's insurance is that it covers the replacement of the item itself. Typically, damage could present itself in unexpected ways like a natural disaster (fire), a vehicle driving through the wall, smoke, or even vandalism.

Liability due to injury of someone in your apartment

It's not something everyone thinks about, but a renter is financially responsible for any visitor to their apartment or rental home. If even a simple slip and fall causes a serious injury, the renter is legally on the hook for the damage. This goes for anyone, whether it is a neighbor, friend, a housekeeper, or the food delivery person.


Risks like theft or accidents

Whether you are a frequent traveler or are just out for the weekend, there is no need to worry about what will happen to your personal belongings while you are gone. Nobody wants to think their household could be a target, but it's far better to be prepared just in case. On top of that, personal belongings can be covered in the event of theft during the trip itself.


Your property is more than just your stuff- it's your life. Give GFS Insurance Group a call and start renting safer today. Our agents can walk you through the process and answer any questions you may have.

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