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Home Insurance

Image by Kara Eads

At GFS Insurance Group in Georgia, we understand that your home is not only your treasure, but your investment. A home is one of the biggest investment that someone makes in life. Events can take place and can damage it. It only makes sense that you protect your financial investment. A home insurance policy is important when you need to get the essential protection for your home. In case of an insured event occurring and destroying your home, a home insurance policy may cover.


House and other structures

This policy will cover the cost of repair or cost of completely rebuilding your house. Attached and unattached structures like garage, deck, porch, shed, and fence may be included depending on your policy agreement. Loss and damages due to natural and man-made calamities may also be included. With proper policies, your house is covered against hazards and antisocial acts such as theft, vandalism, and other activities out of malicious intent.

Temporary housing

If your home becomes uninhabitable, we may provide temporary accommodation as your home is being repaired. We would meet the costs for the hotel and meals for you and your family.



This covers property damage and lawsuits. It will also cover medical expenses in the event a guest is injured on your property. If a guest sues you over the loss of their belongings while inside your home, a liability policy may be able to cover legal fees and damages as a result.


Personal belongings

Furniture, electronics, clothes, tools, and power equipment are covered. You can have separate coverage for jewelry, art, and other expensive items.


A home insurance policy doesn’t prevent damage to your home or belongings. It provides a financial safety net should the unexpected occur. Regardless of where you live in Georgia, we at GFS Insurance Group will be happy to offer assistance on home insurance. We help people acquire insurance policies that meet their specific needs and requirements. Also, try our online rating tool for quotes on home insurance policies from home.

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